19. STaPs München/Mainz/Köln

The 19. STaPs (Sprachwissenschaftliche Tagung für Promotionsstudierende) is held on Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th, 2022 online.

As the event takes place online, we had the opportunity to build a decentral team, from the universities of Munich, Mainz and Cologne – “MüMaK”, derived from the German names.

STaPs. The STaPs as a conference by PhD students for PhD students puts emphasis not on results like other conferences do, but on methodology and theoretical issues.

Program. We are excited to see your talks and workshops (more under registration). There will be three wonderful keynotes, and one centrally organized workshop.
More information will be provided under Programm & Book of Abstracts (once everything will be ready).

Registration. You can find more information and the registration form here, whether you want to hold a talk or workshop or just want to listen.

Call for Participation. Click here to submit an abstract for a talk or make an offer for a workshop.


  • registration: 17.03.2022
  • abstracts for talks: 31.01.2022
  • abstracts for workshops: 10.01.2022.

Contact. If you want to contact us, write to staps19 [at] staps [dot] stuts [dot] eu.

We are looking forward to having you at the digital STaPs!

Your decentral STaPs19 team
(Barbara, Lisa, Marvin & Rebecca)