Schedule & Book of Abstracts

The schedule for our conference can be found below or enlarged on this separate page.

We take the liberty to especially advertise our wonderful keynotes:

Petra Schumacher’s talk straight out of the psycholinguistic lab concerns “Referenzforschung im Spannungsfeld von Labor und Wirklichkeit”, the talk “Areale Variation im Mittelhochdeutschen: Methodologische und quantitative Aspekte” on modern research on ancient language by Oliver Schallert, as well as one talk from general linguistics named “Interaction of verbal categories in a typological perspective” held by Andrej Malchukov.

Last but not least: In his workshop “Workshop R: The Bayesian revolution in linguistics: Why and how?”, Bodo Winter will convince us why it is Bayesian statistics which we have been looking for so long, and he will show us how to apply it in a concrete example.

The Book of Abstracts can be found here.