Call for papers

  • register on this website. After that you will receive a confirmation link. Fill in your profile details, then you can add an event. This includes your availability, so that we can find a suitable time slot for you.
  • Every event needs a title, and its type has to be specified (lecture/workshop).
  • Choose the most fitting track for your event
  • duration should be set to 30min (20min + 10min discussion)
  • please also give the language of your event (German or English)
  • please hand in an abstract of max. 500 words for talks, up to 1000 for workshops, in the language of the event.
  • in description, a longer description is possible (will be visible in the program as well)
  • Be aware that submitting an event is not registering for the conference! For this, go to registration.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, which confirms that your event can take place.