Call for Participation


Please hand in your abstracts until Januar 31st 2022 (midnight CET) via frab. The instructions for this can be found here.

The abstracts should be in German or English, and contain max. 500 words (incl. bibliography etc.). Be aware that handing in an abstract is not equivalent to registration for the conference (cf. registration).

Each talk should be planned for 20 minutes, and focused on methodolgical issues, which also will be the center of the 10 minutes of discussion.


If you want to give a workshop about linguistic methodology, please send us an email before January 10th 2022 (midnight CET) to Give „StaPs19 Workshop, (name of authors), (title)“ as subject. Please tell us in short, what the content of the workshop will be, and what still needs to be planned. We will come back to you.

Workshops should be planned for about 60-90 minutes, and relevant for PhD students.